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Stupidity.. Quackery.. Science denial in the days of EBOLA

The other week I wrote dōTERRA legal about a claim I found tied to a website plugging the use of essential oils to cure Ebola.
I had shared the post with Skeptical Medicine on Facebook  & the dōTERRA company did something to remove or block the dangerous post that was claiming essential oils could do something to kill Ebola Virus.

How much wrong can you find in this statement? : 
"The reason doctors can't do anything for viruses is because viruses live inside of your cell's walls, and medicine particles can't penetrate those walls. Essential oils, however, have super ...tiny particles and a makeup that allows them to pass through with no problem! They go in, kill the virus while also stopping the viral cells from duplicating, and all the while boost the immune system so the body can continue to fight for itself. We've found that we can kill viral infections in 12-48 hours, depending on how quickly we start using oils."

I hoped  no one else would  publish or do really stupid stuff to misinform the public about the dangers of Ebola  then came the Natural News article claiming a homeopathic cure for Ebola.. I and many others reached out to the medical community & the news  to do something to call that out.

I tweeted the WHO on their position on Homeopathy for the treatment of Ebola .. sharing with them the Natural News connect. They in a nut shell tweeted back they had already stated that Homeopathy is not shown to be a cure for EBOLA to seek professional medical attention if sick with Ebola. 

Thankfully someone at Natural News pulled the blog post that was encouraging people to obtain bodily fluids of people with Ebola and make a homeopathic medicine using the fluids..

From New York Daily
"The antidote requires..
  • A face mask and gloves
  • Two bottles (50 ml up to 500 ml glass or plastic bottles) with caps
  • Clean water (mineral or tap)
  • An Ebola sample: some spit or other disease product, such as blood, from a person infected with Ebola, or who is suspected sick with it. Any small quantity will do, even a pinhead.
  • An alcoholic liquid, such as whisky, brandy, rum, etc.
  • Half an hour of your time

  • Fill the bottle with water, leaving about 20% space at the top.
  • Place the Ebola sample in the water in the bottle.
  • Close the top of the bottle with the cap.
  • Hold the bottle and strike it hard against a solid surface, such as a large book, 40 times.
  • Pour out the contents of the bottle.
  • Refill the bottle with water (the fluid remaining on the inside surface of the bottle will serve as the next Ebola sample).
  • Repeat steps 3 to 6 a total of 30 times. 
Then, drink the solution. "
Read more:

Thankfully someone at Natural News decided helping spread an epidemic might cut into their revenues. They pulled the Homeopathic Ebola cure article from online.

Science Blogs did a very well written blog post on the Natural News insanity of a homeopathic Ebola treatment..Science Blogs great Natural News Ebola post

According to a New York times article by  Donald G McNeil from Aug 15, 2014 " Late this week, both the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration issued strong warnings about false Ebola cures. The latter threatened American companies with penalties if they continue making such claims."   NY Times article

An alert from the FDA on August 14, 2014, states: “FDA has seen and received consumer complaints about a variety of products claiming to either prevent the Ebola virus or treat the infection. There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat Ebola … There are no approved vaccines, drugs, or investigational products specifically for purchase on the Internet.” 

Web Med has put up an post about Beware Fake Ebola Treatments on the Internet..Web Med Ebola fake claims alert from FDA

 Medical Daily article on the FDA asking people to report companies making any and all fake claims of product curing EBOLA   FDA: Stay steer clear of any product with false EBOLA claims

The BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) is also warning people not to be get taken in fake Ebola cure claims . Quack Products Prey on Ebola Fears 

Martin Lane at Digital Journal Latest Ebola threat: Bogus treatments
Sharron Hill at Doubtful News ( skeptic website ) has written a piece on  the Ebola outbreak and how  misinformation helps it spread Fear and Misinformation helping spread Ebola

Nigerian officials have had to issue a warning to pastors and faith healers to stop spreading false claims of curing sick people with Ebola.   No more false faith healing claims tied to EBOLA .warning form . Nigerian Govt  

According to Religion  writer Frederick Nzwili   "In Liberia, more than 100 Christian leaders meeting in early August declared that God was angry and Ebola a plague. They called for prayers to seek God’s forgiveness for sins including corruption and immoral acts such as homosexuality."Ebola curse from God?

 Now .. a Mob  has destroyed the Ebola Center in Liberia just two days after it opened.. stealing the stuff in it that may be infected with the deadly Ebola virus and releasing people who were being held due to possible infection.. helping to possibly further spread the deadly virus that has so far killed over 1,000 people..
Liberian Mob helps destroy Ebola center and possibly spread Ebola even further

What is sad .. is that Ebola could  be the black plague of our time if it spreads massively  and despite all the education of some of our top scientists and minds .. it may be the lack of education at the bottom level of society and through society on a whole regarding illness, science and basic human biology that may cause it to spread much further endangering way more than a few thousand people..

Recent Video
New York Times Video..Village in African with 61 recent Ebola deaths
New York Times Video Using Technology to help cut down the spread of Ebola

Lets look at some information  on Ebola from the Centers for Disease Control ( CDC) 
The virus is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with
  • a sick person's blood or body fluids (urine, saliva, feces, vomit, and semen)
  • objects (such as needles) that have been contaminated with infected body fluids
  • infected animals
Healthcare workers and the family and friends in close contact with Ebola patients are at the highest risk of getting sick because they may come in contact with infected blood or body fluids.
During outbreaks of Ebola HF, the disease can spread quickly within healthcare settings (such as a clinic or hospital). Exposure to ebolaviruses can occur in healthcare settings where hospital staff are not wearing appropriate protective equipment, such as masks, gowns, and gloves.

Proper cleaning and disposal of instruments, such as needles and syringes, is also important. If instruments are not disposable, they must be sterilized before being used again. Without adequate sterilization of the instruments, virus transmission can continue and amplify an outbreak." Source  CDC

Also from the CDC
Signs/Symptoms of Ebola

"Symptoms of Ebola  typically include

  • Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
  • Severe headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal (stomach) pain
  • Lack of appetite

Some patients may experience

  • Rash
  • Red eyes
  • Hiccups
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Unexplained bleeding inside and outside of the body
Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to ebolavirus, although 8-10 days is most common."  Source CDC Ebola Symptoms

For those wanting to read about the CDC suggestions for hospital workers dealing with Ebola Infection Control for Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers in the African Health Care Setting

Update on  9/26/2014

Today I received  via Twitter  this : 
Quackery claimed to prevent /Treat Ebola By The Healing Frequency. com

I reported this article to the CDC, WHO and the FDA.

The article referenced above is the very thing that FDA , CDC and WHO are trying  to prevent slick  companies from doing .. spreading wrong misinformation  to sell products .. The making of claims not proven  regarding a product to be  effective in the prevention/  treatment  of Ebola ( a deadly highly contagious virus)  can kill not only those who fall for such claims.. it can impact others in society putting all of us at risk for the spread of disease that can Kill . This is the kind of snake oil salesmanship  that takes desperate people for huge amounts of money and endangers us all..

The World Health Organization states that w/ treatment  more people are surviving.. The fatality rate for Ebola in past outbreaks is listed  between 25-90 %
 WHO Fact Sheet Ebola virus disease

As with the other illnesses that people can delay treatment for when trying to self treat.. delay for treatment of Ebola can cause harm.. With Ebola that harm can mean the difference between life and death of not only you but everyone around you. .. But  with early treatment using medicine  survival rates increase..
 Early treatment of Ebola can help save lives
Us News Article .. There's No Ebola Cure, But Early Intensive Treatment Boosts Survival

Ebola is a potentially Lethal  HIGHLY contagious illness that should be treated by medical professionals and not with self treatment.

Due to the sudden increase in the number of people reading this blog post  this week..
I reached out to the James Randi Foundation to see if they might suggest to  me  any science based information to give any of you on the ineffectiveness of essential oils in any study to treat any illness.. They suggested: 

Oil of Oregano Science Based Study/
An aromatherapist Vs. Scientist Blog. /
Essential oils: A perfect example of alternative medicine exaggeration /

The FDA has started issuing formal warnings regarding false EBOLA claims to companies already:

CNN News..FDA warns companies about fake Ebola drugs
FDA statements on Ebola & Warnings to Three companies regarding false ebola claims
Doubtful News: FDA issues warning letters to companies marketing Ebola “cures”

Please everyone..
 if you see any company making bogus claims to treat or cure Ebola please contact the CDC and FDA to report that company ASAP.
We have the moral obligation to work together to protect the lives of our fellow human beings.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Essential Oils dōTERRA Ebola ... Hay House CEO & Doreen Virtue's wrong medical info..

 dōTERRA & Hay House Publishing Company ... Two companies seeming reactions to endangerment tied to them.

Last weekend I came upon a post that seemed to claim that essential oils could cure Ebola virus..

One of my online friends had already come upon it & swung into action writing dōTERRA legal dept. to stop w/ all dangerous false medical claims that essential oils can in any way cure or treat Ebola.

She asked me if I would likewise write to  dōTERRA & ask them as she had  to pull the blog for the safety of all. Members of the skeptical community had started to pummel the blog post being up & someone at  made it so that the public could not see the Ebola claims  but reps still could.

My friend wrote she emailed Hay House Publishing CEO Reid Tracy
(  asking him for the misinformation that Hay House allowed to go out via Doreen Virtue on suicide at her Seattle 2012 event w/ John Holland be fixed in their public media outlets so that people would know the correct info on suicide .

CEO of Hay House does nothing after knowing of wrong suicide comment
This weekend we traded updates on our reply progress.~~

CEO Reid Tracy never replied to my friend who wrote him & has yet to take responsibility to correctthe statement by Doreen Virtue that "Those who talk of suicide do not do it . They just want attention. They need counseling. But they don't ever do it."  Nor has Hay House made any statements to the metaphysical consumers that they should go to medical doctors in regards to vaccinations instead of Doreen Virtue who makes anti-vaccine comments/posts and whom they claim hears angels.

To publically address that Doreen Virtue is not accurate & says some of the dumbest shit ever said tied to angels while claiming she can clearly see and hear people's guardian angels & that she has  absolutely no business practicing medicine is what is needed.

Yet, when new age angel crap brings in millions in profits for Hay House aka (Louise Hay and Reid Tracy) they find lots of rea$ons to make excuses to continue with the seemingly utter new age angel con game.

 Awhile back, I tried to bring it to the attn of Hay House & others in an email that is seemed that Dr. Brian Weiss is violating his medical ethics/oath in endorsing Virtue via  his shared product with her in light of her wrong medical statement on suicide and her telling people vaccine info in opposition to the AMA and CDC and her telling people stuff so whacked it might cause people to become atheists..

Hay House UK ad for Weiss/Virtue deck

Weiss so grateful to whore his ethics as psychiatrist for deck!!

In the Virtue/ Weiss Past Life deck that makes claims it will give us clues to the past lives we most likely have never had, we have a Columbia undergrad, Yale MD/Psychiatrist  endorsing a woman who tells us we might be incarnated Leprechauns.. No joke..

Doreen Virtue .. You might be an incarnated Magical being!

What ethical psychiatrist could encourage people toward this?

I questioned did Hay House & Dr Weiss want to be responsible for any & all dangerous notions Natural News might put out for in Hay House plugging Doreen Virtue as really hearing angels & her leading them to Natural News, consumers may take statements on Natural News as of the angels since they tell people Virtue really hears angels and people assume your guardian angel wouldn't give you wrong medical advice.

Now Mike Adams of Natural News is being investigated by the FBI .
Genetic Literacy Project.. FBI turns up the Heat on Mike Adams
Hay House CEO has not distanced Hay House from any posts Doreen Virtue or any of its authors have posted up plugging Natural News as any kind of reliable news source on medical anything.

Hay House .... NO PROGRESS despite their claims of being a spiritual publishing house.

But, what of dōTERRA ?   Did I get a response .  Yes
Did I or any others make any progress..  Maybe...
I wrote them asking them to reply to me & the JREF's Mr Grothe in their reply.

At first they wrote stating they needed a link to the story I was referencing .
I sent them the link that at that time could only be opened with password due to restrictions on the post that had not initially been there ...

 Why We Are Not Scared Of The Ebola Virus | Essential Oils 1, 2014 - Protected: Why We Are Not Scared Of The Ebola Virus. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:.
 Now when you try to get anything tied to that link you get:
Uh-oh, something went wrong! Error Code: 404  I see that as Progress .
Having wrong medical info out to reps is still wrong medical info going out.

The co rep from dōTERRA legal compliance dept wrote me that the links w/ the Ebola claims were not affiliated with dōTERRA company & they were doing an investigation. Very good.

I  had shared  with dōTERRA a  Facebook connect by  Skeptical Medicine regarding the seemingly  dōTERRA post no longers accessible to the general public:

How much wrong can you find in this statement? :
"The reason doctors can't do anything for viruses is because viruses live inside of your cell's walls, and medicine particles can't penetrate those walls. Essential oils, however, have super ...tiny particles and a makeup that allows them to pass through with no problem! They go in, kill the virus while also stopping the viral cells from duplicating, and all the while boost the immune system so the body can continue to fight for itself. We've found that we can kill viral infections in 12-48 hours, depending on how quickly we start using oils."

I've  written & asked dōTERRA legal compliance to next look at this highly upsetting claim/post  .
Road Rash treatment of a child with Essential Oils instead of real medicine..
 Seeing  the photos in the story I fear what if a parent  seeing this type of injury on a child and hearing essential oils fixed it all turn around and delays treatment of their own child's injuries & uses essential oils to  try to heal the child  instead of taking them to a medical doctor.

I use essential oils for relaxation & enjoyment.   I DO NOT use them as curative medicine nor do I tell people they cure anything. I've quite the collection of essential oils.  Though they can be pricey , they seem worth it to me. But, there is no evidence that though nice smelling that any of my essential oils can cure anything!

Anyone wanting to write dōTERRA : 

Things to write  Reid Tracy the CEO of Hay House about:

Why it's wrong to leave wrong suicide info in play & wrong for Hay House Publishing and medium John Holland  not to have immediately have stopped the event when Doreen Virtue gave out wrong suicide info and to have fixed the wrong statement right then and there .

 Why Hay House needs to make a public commitment to calling out all dangerous and false medical claims by any and all of their speakers and put life before new age profit..

Will  Reid Tracy as the CEO of Hay House take on full & complete liability for any and all  harm done to any consumer who having heard or seen Virtue posts & statements encouraging people not to get flu shots in the name of the angels fail to vaccinate themselves or their loved one for the flu?

As of 10/4/2014 Doreen Virtue's posts listed below are still up..
Dr. Brian Weiss did not demand they be taken down for the safety of new age consumers .Thus we have a Yale Psychiatrist MD endorsing a woman telling people not to get flu shots as angel message.. right?

New age consumers will assume Dr. Brian Weiss would not have endorsed Virtue w/ her having any points of endangerment & that if he found any that he would demand they be fixed BEFORE their deck came out since DR Weiss took a medical oath.

 Note.. Weiss's medical oath supersedes any contract he may make or will make for new age profit.. (Not that any contract that risks human life is enforceable under the law) . Even if he only realized how nuts it was to endorse Virtue when I contacted him over 18 months ago to let him know of her wrong SUICIDE COMMENTS  it does not excuse him from lack of right action.

Doreen Virtue angel message in Australia not to get flu shots

Doreen Virtue elderberry post encouraging people to see flu shots as bad using Natural News article

Video natural flu shot consumer learned how to make via Doreen Virtue's facebook post

Knowledge of illness creates illness? Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue while claiming she can clearly see and hear angels posts on Facebook her guidance and research says no to flu shots

Maybe ask  Hay House .. How if we can't buy spiritual gifts how has Hay House been sponsoring/ profiting on this the seeming sale of spiritual gifts via Virtue's classes & cruises for decades where she has been certifying people on spiritual gifts from angel intuitive to angel therapist ( Check out  her mediumship class @ angel University where she plugs mediumship to any for only $400 via DVD with certification .. . Despite Hay House authors/mediums James Van Praagh  & John Holland clearly stating everyone is NOT a medium nor can they be ...How can either of these mediums knowing Virtue is plugging for sale a product to make anyone a medium.. something that they by their own teachings say is not possible since they say all are not mediums... How can they ethically endorse anything about her since she would be by their teachings be engaged upon material and spiritual fraud if she can not make everyone a medium . So how do we have them selling out mediumship itself  for their gain and possibly their own fans expense since they drive their fans to her! )

Or maybe bring up to Hay House why their  telling people via Doreen Virtue's books/videos/events that Hay House publishes or is in any way tied to that people may be special in that they may  incarnated magical beings such as mermaids, star people, angels and leprechauns and not human beings ... is absolutely wrong & possibly harming people's mental health. It's cruel to do this to vulnerable people.  DR Brian Weiss as a psychiatrist in endorsing such whacked stuff seems to be fully selling out .For the point of a psychiatrist is to bring people from irrational concepts to more rational ones.. not the reverse..

Hay House is also the publishing Co of Esther Hicks who seemingly in this video below tells us all that medicine is just a dog and pony show working only on belief ..
.Medicine what is it.. Vibrational healing By Esther Hicks..

 Hicks' husband  died from cancer despite Hicks spirit claims via her spirit Abraham that via the power of thought you can cure yourself of any illness.. How Hay House continues to sell Hick's stuff as real when the death of her own husband proves her stuff false.. I can not understand. That medium James Van Praagh who is alive today partially thanks to life saving surgery plugs Esther Hicks when she seemingly says medicine only works on belief & is a dog and pony show seems to clearly indicate to me his level of unethical behavior in endorsement.

One would think that Van praagh existing still .. due to real MEDICINE & surgery that worked not due to his belief but because it was based on real medicine... in gratitude alone might  find it highly uncomfortable to  risk that anyone might see him plugging Hicks &  think her statements on medicine true & then make significant health choices that could cause harm in real medicine delay or denial.  But still he leads people to Hicks.. It floors my mind.

This could cause a fully believing consumer to possibly delay surgery or the taking of real medicine thinking if it works only one belief why not try water therapy, essential oils or Reiki instead of medicine. No one wants to go in for major surgery. If I believe that its only belief that makes medicine or surgery work, why not drink a glass of water that I've blessed & have it substitute for a prescribed medicine or heart surgery ? Why not. because it would be insane & is not based on  reality. 

If Hick's crap was true, I could believe a Twinkie could cure cancer &  have it work right?
If it would be unethical for me to tell people Twinkies cure cancer then how is ethical for Hicks to tell people medicine works only on belief?  

Knowingly derailing others or allowing others to be misdirected from timely correct life saving medicine /psychiatric care is medical endangerment.

Vaccinations are a life saving preventative medicine that protects more than just those who are vaccinated but also those who due to illness can not get vaccinated themselves.. Note but even with vaccinations there are some who do come down with the illnesses we vaccinate for. Yet, just because vaccinations are not 100 % does not mean its a great idea to skip them.

Funeral 11 yr. old .. Flu complications.
11 Year old dead from swine flu 2014.
Even w/ flu shots, some can still get flu at times.. 5 yr. old child flu death Portland..
Even w/ flu shots , people can at times get flu.. Newer anti-viral medicine
Flu related deaths start again in Fall 2014.
North Carolina Flu death 2014-2015

Knowingly leaving wrong suicide/medical info in play is wrong & makes one liable morally for the entire ripple of any help not given for as long as wrong medical info is left in play. There is no excuse to risk other people's lives to hide psychic fraud no matter the level of profit to be made by doing so.  Encouraging people to ridiculous notions of their not being human beings but magical beings at the expense of their embracing their humanity, in order to sell them products is pathetic.

I received via Twitter  this article: 
Quackery claimed to prevent /Treat Ebola By The Healing Frequency. com
I reported this article to the CDC, WHO and the FDA.

The article above is the very thing that the  FDA , CDC and WHO are trying to prevent...
slick people/ companies from spreading wrong misinformation to sell products.

The making of claims not proven regarding a product to be effective in the prevention/ treatment of Ebola ( a deadly highly contagious virus) can kill not only those who fall for such claims, it can also impact others in society putting all of us at risk for the spread of disease that can Kill. This is the kind of snake oil salesmanship that takes desperate people for huge amounts of money & endangers us all..

The World Health Organization states w/ treatment  more people are surviving..
The fatality rate for Ebola in past outbreaks is listed between 25-90 % . Any person suspecting they may be infected with Ebola has the moral obligation to see professional help ASAP so as to decrease the spread of the illness to others. 
 WHO Fact Sheet Ebola virus disease

As w/ other illnesses that people can delay treatment for when trying to self treat..
delay for treatment of Ebola can cause harm.

With Ebola that harm can mean the difference between life& death of not only you... but everyone around you. Yet w/ early treatment using medicine survival rates increase..

 Early treatment of Ebola can help save lives
Us News Article .. There's No Ebola Cure, But Early Intensive Treatment Boosts Survival

Due to the sudden increase in the number of people reading this blog ..
I reached out to the James Randi Educational Foundation to see if they might suggest any science based info to present on the ineffectiveness of essential oils to treat any illness so that anyone thinking essential oils might at all prevent them from getting Ebola.. will not fall to wasting tons of money to in the end probably only smell good..
....JREF suggested: 

Oil of Oregano Science Based Study/
An aromatherapist Vs. Scientist Blog. /
Essential oils: A perfect example of alternative medicine exaggeration /

The FDA has started issuing formal warnings regarding false EBOLA claims to companies already:
CNN News..FDA warns companies about fake Ebola drugs

Warning Letter From the FDA to dōTERRA International, LLC :
FDA EnforcementActions WarningLetter to dōTERRA International, LLC

Warning Letter From the FDA to Young Living:
FDA Enforcement Action Warning Letter to Young Living

Warning Letter From the FDA to Natural Solutions Foundation  aka Rima Laibow
FDA Enforcement Action Warning Letter to Rima Laibow

Thanks to Facebook Page : Skeptical Medicine.. 
Facebook Skeptical Medicine..

dōTERRA’s marketing of essential oils.. Science Based Medicine
Aromatherapy (essential oils).. Skeptic's Dictionary
What’s That I Smell? The Claims of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy: Does It Pass the Smell Test?


NPR Blog No, Seriously, How Contagious is Ebola?

Article talking about the dangers of some essential oils when consumed or put on the skin.
MD answers a Mom's questions on safety of consuming essential Oils by Roy Benaroch, MD

Are Young Living &  DoTERRA’s Essential Oils Adulterated?
Deposition in Utah Dr. Robert Pappas says that Young Living Essential Oils passed off synthetic oils as authentic for jasmine & birch oils that were instead synthetic oils. By Arvid Keeson /Utah Stories

Amazing Hub Page by Lee Tea questions :Why Are All the Articles that Suggest Ingesting Essential Oils is Safe Written by Young Living Sales Reps?


Today I learned that the local hospital has agreed to treat Ebola patients. For any pondering does this mean I'm rushing out to buy essential oils, colloidal silver, a frequency zapper, or any odd herbal anything.. the answer is NO.    Harborview Hospital Volunteers to Take Ebola patients.

Fox News reporter encourages people to NOT fall to mega fear at this point in the US.
If you do not show symptoms they say you are NOT contagious..
Shep tells us we do not have an outbreak of Ebola in the US at this time.. 
But last year he says flu & resulting pneumonia infections killed 52,000 Americans. I myself had no idea the number of flu related deaths was that high..

Shep Smith of Fox News update on Ebola..


Conspiracy Theory...Reflection of latest conspiracy theory on Ebola to cross a skeptic's path
Science Blogs... How “they” view “us,” Ebola edition

Responsible steps:
The American Herbal Products Association,
Consumer Healthcare Products Association,
Council for Responsible Nutrition,
The Natural Products Association,
United Natural Products Alliance call to marketers/retailors to refuse to sell products making false claims to cure or treat Ebola !
Call for sanity by some Natural supplements groups regarding products claiming to treat Ebola


What should we do now.. Ebola by Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant

Please if you see any company making bogus claims to treat or cure Ebola please contact the CDC and FDA to report that company ASAP.

 We have the moral obligation to work together to protect the lives of our fellow human beings.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Call to skeptics....

 Dear Mr Randi, Shermer and Grothe & the skeptical community...

Writing with resignation to ask you to please step up your efforts to call out new age bullshit but from a whole new angle..

In 2 mo. will be the 2 yr anniversary of my watching Hay House author/"angel medium" Doreen Virtue give out wrong suicide info to the mother of a suicidal black man having repeated thoughts of killing himself.

A Mom who was told by Virtue  that those who talk of suicide do not do it. They just want attention. They need counseling but they don't EVER do it... No one present that day called that crap out.. and no one since has done anything to make sure the right information on suicide is imparted to all who were present.

 Doreen Virtue since that event went on to make anti-vaccine statements/posts that at one time included one encouraging a mom toward seemingly full non-vaccination of children ( that thankfully has been taken down) but  Virtue still has up posts  that encourage people to see elderberries as safe and of angels and flu shots as not good .. Using Natural News as back up..
I believe in God. I believe in spiritual gifts .
I have no belief in the game they are running at Hay House taking new age consumers... even endangering them in false medical info while no one calls it out putting money before life.
 Even though I have written the Hay House CEO  & John Holland over and over to the point I probably have  a nagging to try  save life merit badge waiting for me in Heaven...  they do nothing to fix wrong medical information that could kill the very consumers they say they want to serve.

I want to challenge all of you.. before TAM 2015...
Crank up the voice of the skeptical movement to call out not only Doreen Virtue imparting wrong suicide info in the name of angels and her seemingly encouraging people away from vaccines and ADHD medication  ...but to call them all out on doing nothing while they have all seen the bullshit.

Call people to thought.. 
not as atheists if they choose not to be such  but  to thought within their own spiritual traditions.

Call new age gurus to responsibility for all that they say.. all that  they write.. everyone  whom they  work with on a stage or at events .. all they endorse to their fans verbally or online  or whose products they plug.

My belief is ..We are body mind, heart, and soul..
We were never meant to leave the mind behind.

The new age wants & depends on us to check our minds at the door... How is a God who created a world with physics, biology, chemistry, math etc glorified in stupidity?  How can their being quiet while one or any of their own endanger  in the new age ? Is this not be a marker that none of them is of God that none calls out that which could harm any other.

To me it seems a Hay House/New age  culture of non-thought, non-commitment to truth,  non-accountability that is money fame & ego driven honors nothing of God.. It honors taking people for their money  and nothing else.

 I watched life risked in psychic fraud... It's not just silliness to choose to believe in or not believe in when they risk lives. Even with online posts that could harm their intertwined fans.. no famous psychic or medium  calls Doreen Virtue out for encouraging people from flu shots.
 They who know of her posts on vaccines and who say nothing risk peoples lives to flu in the name of angels and Natural News.. Just as those who know of her suicide statement and do not call it out risk peoples lives to suicide..

And, people wonder why I am so cranky about the lack of ethics in mediumship and why I no longer believe it's anyone talking to my dead people in Heaven or anyone else's ..

 I know my dead people would say its wrong to risk people's lives in bullshit..
 I can picture one of my dead people saying what the fuck are those frauds doing in our name... Don't talk  to the predators honey - What did we teach you.. what values did we teach.. remember who we are and live it...

 I write to beg skeptics  to open your hearts .. to start a more diverse dialogue that can be heard and understood  with those who believe in God and spiritual gifts to take a closure look at what is happening around them in the new age and to think clearly about the topic of why psychic accuracy actually matters......

 When always the angle of skeptical material is the atheist angle it sets up intuitive new age people to not hear  what you may say that may be useful even for the believer in God when faced with psychic claims by others..

 And, it isolates  skeptics from others of non-atheist inclination  who might be allies in calling out the crap that takes other faiths' symbols & concepts and re-spins them into new age marketing tools.

  I am sure if  you had a  talk about why it's not of God for some person to say the shit Doreen does on angels you could get a ton of priests to step up to talk about it if you gave them a place or show to talk about why what she does and says is not of Christianity .

Mr. Michael Shermer  will you  please think of re-evaluating your cold, warm and hot reading categories.. So, that you may be more effective & possibly be of  greater service to everyone. .

 If I were to say to a man wanting to date me ..
I will date you.... but first... you have to prove you are good man in my test. . I shall evaluate your actions and words in the following categories.

 A ) Cold ....You are an asshole.
 B )  Warm ...You are really an asshole.
 C )  Hot .. .You are definitely an asshole.

 I suspect any man  seeing my categories might call foul... with no categories of ... He might not be an asshole or He might be a  good guy or He is a good guy. . He might validly think  I was being a bitch and didn't really want to ever let a man be shown to be anything other than an asshole.

Mr Shermer  though I believe in psychic abilities .. I've seen ton of fraud ( though never so clear, stupid,and dangerous  as what I saw tied to Doreen Virtue) . No one in the new age community talks about the fraud . And there seems to be this odd concept of well if people want to believe in Bull why tell them otherwise .. if it makes them happy why call it out... If they were really serving spirit would they not call out the crap they know is crap?  They twine the bull so into the whole mechanism it makes it impossible to believe any are of God.For in the twine none can afford to call any of it out since they all plug one another like a huge spinning money making chakra.

 Though I evaluate psychics differently than you do & I perceive  psychic  abilities as real..
  I want to say Mr. Shermer  some of what I have seen in your videos is good stuff   & the topic of being able to properly evaluate accuracy becomes important when we have Internationally known Hay House medium author  who Hay House introduces at events as really seeing our guardian angels telling people wrong suicide info and not to get flu shots ..Mr Shermer no one stops the dangerous shit - it makes your work so much more important.. It does ..

 I  didn't watch your materials Mr Shermer  before the Doreen Virtue crap. I came upon them due to a UK skeptic challenging me to view them.  I had heard of you  but did not watch your stuff because you come from the clearly stated perspective that nothing intuitive or psychic can be real . So why would I watch them..Knowing some is real. Maybe make videos for those who believe some of it is? So that your reach to protect will be greater.

There are only the two vocal camps presented to the public:
those who seem to present its all real.. ( Chopra )
against those who say none of it is real.. ( Militant Atheists)

The ones hurt most by this are intuitives  who hearing a guru profess to have experienced  what they experience  within their own lives  can fall into the whole ..  the they are like me concept and if some of it is true..... it must all be true..

While Deepak Chopra calls out to the press like some over puffed puffer fish  crying loudly   .. look at me challenging devout atheists who believe in nothing you do.. I the Chopra .. I shall stand for spirit as being real ...

 While we know the very real reality that while he puffs up like a self proclaimed new age saint  Chopra refused  to address the fraud that could kill tied to him via Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh.. Where did his medical ethics go to protect life... Does he think leaving wrong suicide info in play is ethical>  He never calls out the bad shit.. He never calls out the stupid shit that makes no sense..  He uses the very real reality that the skeptics tend to be a mostly atheist group against you .. though some of what you say is very real and really needs to be talked about..

Mr Shermer could you  please think of adding  new categories to your evaluations of psychics. Curretnly you do not even seem to have  categories of "possible hit" and" hit" and this could be  used against all that you might intuitives.

Come join the deeper waters of conversation of being able to say okay I think I saw 6 hits out of 70 and what does that mean everyone.. How far off were the misses..
How wide were the " sort of hits".. Was the psychic so wide in the statement that you could fit the state of Texas and Chris Christie into the statement?

  I promise going deeper into  the waters will not make star fish out of sharks..

 Please  make more videos showing non-sophisticated people how some information can be picked up via  sight & applying general human understanding and  generalizations of people..  Don't just say its cold reading - show us .. talk it out... have a fake reader explain how he or she got what they did...

Also videos on the top psychic cons people are getting taken in  ( IE You are cursed you need to give me all your high end jewelry & cash on hand  to bless in order to break the curse .. and then the person saying this runs off with it all  etc) - how do these scams run & what people should do when they see one being done...  I encourage you to crank up prevention efforts...

As a Catholic..I do no support Atheists in the denial of God or spiritual gifts - but I fully support  educating people to think about all that surrounds them so they do not get KILLED by STUPID shit in the name of their own dead people & guardian angels .

 Skeptics ...  You  are all there is to protect new age consumers from someone giving wrong medical info in the name of angels..or other psychic work .. because those who profess to having spiritual gifts and to serving spirit  when  seeing wrong stuff done not call it out..

Upon any examination of Doreen Virtue's " work"  you can see the stupid almost literally  dripping  from it .. By coming only from atheist perspective Skeptics  .  you could not bring up the very clear markers of bull that if pointed out to Christians ...clearly would have made them say oh shit how can Doreen Virtue be real if they believe what they have been taught of  angels  ..

 Doreen Virtue who Hay House professes to be an angel expert ..Doreen Virtue I can do it.. Hay House  wants you & I  to call on Archangel Michael for protection.against negative energy . She even has deck with him on it..
Archangel Michael is known for winning the battle over Lucifer in the fight over who would run Heaven when Lucifer they claim tried to take over.  Michael who was once the 2nd most glorious angel in heaven rose to the top in obedience to God..according to the Bible and Christian tradition.. Michael rose against the devil/ the highest demon himself and won. So lets take a look at what Doreen Virtue says about demons.. since she has a deck plugging the archangel who defeated Satan himself...

Reference Doreen's own angel therapy website...
"As a clairvoyant, Doreen can see the spirit world in great detail. She says, "There are beings that are referred to as ‘fallen angels.’ In reality, they aren’t angels at all. Angels are glowing beings, filled with the inner radiance of God’s love. Angels have soft, feathery wings. Angels always talk about, and act from, Love. The "fallen angels," in contrast, have no light in them. They have short, bat-like bony wings and clawed talons. They’re commonly called "gargoyles." These beings aren’t creations of God’s love; they’re creations of man’s fear........etc......
   "Earthbound spirits" are another form of so-called "fallen angels." These are deceased humans who, for a variety of reasons (fear of hell, materiality and so on.), stay rooted to earth. They are sometimes called ghosts.............etc.......
Think about God as often as you can. And call upon the Archangel Michael, who escorts away fear and darkness, to act as your "bouncer," ensuring that only invited guests are by your side and in your home. For more information on this topic, please see Doreen’s books, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Angel Therapy, Chakra Clearing, The Lightworker’s Way, or Healing with the Angels."

In the above taken from Virtue 's  own angel therapy website she is saying there are no fallen angels & she is saying that what people refer to as fallen angels are created by man's fears ( Not angels made by God who turned from Him )  & thus she is denying the whole battle of Lucifer against God ( A Battle where some say as much as 1/3 of Heaven's angels fell in the rebellion of God's angels from Him fighting to take over Heaven - a battle that happened  before the creation of man)  and yet she  has been claiming to be an angel specialist with Hay House's endorsement ...

No one caught this ... wow  
Anyone want to  please explain to me how if there was no battle between Lucifer and Archangel Michael what significance the angel Michael would really have as anything?
To a Christian can you explain ... how If there was no Lucifer  the fall of man in the garden of Eden could be real..

How many Christians would have paid to go see a woman claiming she speaks and hears angels if they knew she denies Lucifer and the fall of man to sin... if they had been told this ...
Why did no skeptic call this out as something to look at to Christians  long ago?

 James Van praagh endorses Virtue  as real ..
And has for years..James Van Praagh heavily plugging Doreen Virtue

How could this be missed ..  
By Not looking at WHAT was being taught  & who plugs whom as something to very validly call out ...not just psychics hits.
Not that Virtue seems to get any solid psychic hits ..

If you in the skeptic community only want to plug the atheist ideals  never talking of anything else that could shine light to believers in God in how what they believe does not line with those calling them to the new age will be unable to  protect those who believe in God from those who would take them. It become the total non-believing atheists against the ones selling the fruit of the new age - eat and be like God .. With the  prey still being taken... Amp it up skeptics.. an intuitive calls to you and says you are needed.

 James Van Praagh wants to  knock all  skeptics as lesser..James Van Praagh tries to get Mavis to call Skeptics bad...          While not thinking about how much he now says that gives everyone reason to be skeptical about him.  While Van Praagh  talks about personal responsibility at one point in this video being tied to mediumship .   Mavis Pattilla and James Van Praagh When I called to  Van Praagh to take personal responsibility in what he endorses and to call out wrong suicide information  and to stop endorsing Doreen Virtue  selling mediumship to all via dvd against his own teachings. . he blew it off ...

The below is how I feel about James Van praagh sending me & my fellow JVP 5 day classmates  to see the stupidest shit ever said in the name of angels.. to a demonstration where life was risked and where his soul sister made up crap in the name of spirit while charging people $125- $150 each...  and then when I called everyone to fix it the bitch threatened to sue me for doing what was right .  And then he did nothing when I called him to do what was right to save life ... I asked him to step up to protect life because  I thought  like an idiot he was actually talking to heaven when he wasn't..

I know the fake spirit crap demeans all those it touches..
It demeans Hay House owners Louise Hay & Reid Tracy for publishing it & presenting it at the cost of their fellow souls..
It demeans those spewing it.
It demeans those who hear it and get taken in it.
It demeans those who know it is crap and yet fail to  call it out for their personal gain.
It echoes in the future.. when it is taught down the road as a truth that shall never be true.
And , it blocks the way of those who would not give us crap..
Those who seek truth can not align with such as those at Hay House as they are now.
Those who love their brothers can not endanger their  lives  in false medical info nor the choices they might make in failing to reach their full potential by being taught false methods or by making their choices on the flip of a deck.
Life is sacred. Every life.

Skeptics...Expand the skeptical reach .... to where you are needed.
Not as a push in atheism.. But  in love for your fellow man in helping him /her think and be safe
 even if he or she chooses to believe in God .

Who knows who may die this coming Fall tied to New Age angel crap if you fail...
Virtue's suicide comment  stands never corrected almost 2 yrs after it went out  and her anti-flu shot vaccine posts are still where any of her over 500,0000 Facebook fans with a simple Google search  may come upon them this fall when they ponder what angels think of flu shots..

 At the bottom part of my blog you shall see mini sections of who is plugging her shit - and I want you to think of the fans .. the fans who might fall to bullshit and flu shot denial in the name of angels bullshit. And I want to ask you think of all those who can not flu shots or other shots due to immune trouble - should they die to angel bullshit? Those who can not get shots depend on us to bring them herd immunity.

Blogger shares important angel Message from Doreen Virtue no flu shots

Elderberries .. Doreen Virtue plugs evils flu shots via Natural News

Her angel guidance says say no to FLU SHOTS

Tv ads and warnings to get flu shots to save life... Hypnosis according to Virtue

What You Should Know for the 2014-2015 Influenza Season
CDC Weekly flu summary

Mr.  D. J. Grothe...

Mr. Van Praagh tells us all that there is no hell or sin..
~~Love is the only real thing that exists.. James Van Praagh~~~

Should I tell the people in Israel it's love when they are having air strikes?
Should I tell the family members of  of murder victims they were murdered in love?

Mr. Grothe if there is no hell  can you please explain for us from a Christian perspective what that means  in perspective to the crucifixion of Christ & who Jesus Christ was ?
From a Christian perspective would it make any sense  that those in Heaven  would tell  Mr. Van Praagh to tell us  stuff that would deny Christ's death having meaning?

How many Christians would have paid Van Praagh  to "talk "to their dead if they knew that what he  was professing if you looked at the logic of it was basically saying  that Christ died for nothing since there is no hell for him to have saved any of us from .  Yet,.. we do not have this called out to the public by skeptics ....for no atheist will go there..  But, the people being taken are not atheists...And they Believe Jesus died for a reason..

Lets talk "manifestation"...

James Van Praagh in AZ  last Feb stood on a stage stating : "There is no one God.. There are many gods. We are all gods." My heart hit the ground & I almost broke out crying.  He was professing  the ramifications of what the concept of  'The secret"/manifestation is built upon .For  the idea that you via your thoughts and energy create the actual world ( not just energy reacting with energy but actually creating ) around you literally to actually be true as they now present it in the new age ... that would require you to be a god.

New agers are careful where they clearly spell it out since if they clearly spelled it out on TV....Most Christian pastors would call that shit out faster than Sarah Palin calling out a liberal on Fox News....

It seems to me based on my limited spiritual background ...that the basis of the manifestation teaching as it is being presented is New Age Pantheism  & thus it calls for the denial of the God of Judaism /Christianity .. Yet, no on calls Van Praagh or anyone else out on this..

Would not the  people paying JVP  who are Christians who believe in Jesus want to know what he teaches that they would never go for  if they clearly understood it ahead  before they pay to show up to his events? JVP it seems to me is teaching people how to be their own false idols..And via his failure to take responsibility when he endorses that which can kill via Doreen Virtue's false suicide statements and her dangerous vaccine statements... he is teaching his fans and students risking human life is okay in the psychic fame game.... while it is anything but RIGHT..
Mr Randi...
Why does no skeptic call to Oprah . Oprah how do you betray the suffering of your black people & their wrongful enslavement by teaching people they manifest all that happens to them  so therefore your are saying the black people's  enslavement is their own fault? I don't see the NAACP falling for persons of color are at fault for harm done to them.. so why do they not call out the you manifest all that happens to you when it comes from one of their own? Why does no one  think?  

Why does no skeptic  call to Oprah how does she blame children molested sexually and rape victims for what predators do to them?

If everything that happens to you , you manifested... then every rape , attack, mugging, and murder the victim's fault right?  We should therefore punish those who are the victims of crime for making others do such to them right? Would not the manifestation concept  really mean in ways no one had given much thought to that  the wrong people are in prison if one really thought about it..

 But let us think on this further is not being told you are at fault for that which is not your fault - a cruel sick prison of its own kind spiritually and psychologically to place another soul in?  Who would dare do this to another and call themselves spiritual anything?  Who shall call this out? Does the Bible say Job manifested all the crap that happened to him? Did the man whose wife King David lusted after so much that he was killed for it - manifest being murdered for a king's lust? What prophet of God has ever taught you are god and you manifest everything that happens to you?

If someone in Saudi Arabia punishes a rape victim for being raped the world cries out...
 but when Oprah or Dr. Phil  plug some psychic on TV telling us all everything that happens to us we manifested ... no one it calls out.( And yes... I wrote DR Phil on Facebook about how when he plugs Dougall Fraser and Collete Baron Reid on his show .. they are turning around and off show  endorsing John Holland who leads them to Doreen Virtue ) .. People hear the false hope of you can have and be all.. but not the shadow side implied within that concept of if everything that happens to you.. you  manifest then all the bad shit happening to you is all your fault.

No one thinks.. Help them think Mr Randi.  Hugs to you..
I am praying for you.. It's no wonder a Catholic priest wanted to save you .. who could not want to have you around forever..  Even though you and I shall never agree on God until probably that day when you meet God.. &  I just love the way you protect people from the bullshit of Homeopathy..

 Randi I am so floored how you who have no belief in soul are more of a soul about protecting your fellow human beings lives than all those who claim extreme spirit  gifts...  your love of your fellow man is admirable. I so hope someone shows you the gifts of soul before you pass.. not to take you  for your money ...but in love...

I stand in full support of your calling people to think about whether they are being sold hogwash when they are sick .

People deserve real medicine when they are sick . They   need  real medicine with the greatest known effectivenss..  Not the homepathy or the crap from Esther Hicks who is endorsed by James Van Praagh   .Abraham Hicks tells us dangerous Bullshit ..     


Hoping to see you all  @ Tam 2015 if work will let me off &  if I can swing it financially.


The ripple .. who is pushing fans toward Doreen Virtue directly and one degree out..

Doreen Virtue endangers her fans & any sent by James Van Praagh when she tells them not to get certain vaccines due to her angel insights and when they hear wrong suicide info.

 Note above image was not with Wallet - that was altered by someone online and I just had to share it.. For this is what they really love when they say its all about love..
But real  Love isn't letting people die due to bullshit... Love doesn't leave people with WRONG SUICIDE info.. Love doesn't risk people in vaccine denial.. Love doesn't send people to those who pretend to sell them any spiritual gift when real gifts can not be purchased at any price and trying to buy them leads to eternal death... according the Bible .

Gabrielle Bernstein plugging Doreen Virtue book to her fans online in her segment called  The power of your words  Gabby Plugs Doreen Virtue  & her segment The reason 11:11 Pops up so often.
- setting them up to be harmed in any of Virtue's  wrong medical statements & taken in angel bull .(  I wrote Bernstein & told her of Virtue wrong suicide info whether she will continue to endorse Virtue I do not know. Bernstein is a presenter  of Chopra's upcoming world meditation event .)

John Holland plugs Doreen Virtue to his fans via his online book list. his Facebook likes and Pinterest and at events despite watching her give out wrong suicide info  ( Yes I've written him and told him this is immoral and wrong to endanger life in psychic fraud . He cares not. Its all about the $$ to him. Real men protect others ..instead of watching & contributing to them being endangered.)

John Edward plugging  Brian Weiss to his fans..
Day 24 is Brian Weiss plug

With Dr Brian Weiss plugging Doreen Virtue, will John Edward next want us to believe we might be incarnated Leprechauns or Mermaids ..(I wrote Mr. John Edward months ago via Facebook to ask him to use his fame to call out the danger of Doreen Virtue. I hoped he would do something to protect life because I thought he really talked to dead people. He did  nothing. Did he put Dr.  Brian Weiss on his Evolution series knowing Weiss had a deck coming out with Doreen Virtue ?
Weiss whores his integrity deck. Weiss Forever stuck plugging Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue seemingly sells mediumship via her Angel University LLC
($400 Mediumship for all DVD set. No matter that most mediums say not everyone is or can be a medium.. ) .

Virtue tells people they might be incarnated Leprechauns & other magical incarnated beings..
Doreen Virtue's Realm Reader plug

One book where Virtue says people could be incarnated Leprechauns came out in 2007 ... yet no one in the New Age called this crap out.

John Edward plugs someone tied to this crap in Dr. Brian Weiss and James Van Praagh plugs it as real by plugging Doreen Virtue as real angel communicator and they want to questions why no one believes in them?
Realms of the Earth Angels Book Amazon 

Please check out what is being posted in the Doreen Virtue Certified Realm Reader Facebook page..  I love to share the space w/ my friends just to see their reactions. So far none of my friends upon  viewing the page have signed up for the Realm Reader course .. so I still have no idea what realm I am in Doreen Virtue land ...
 Doreen Virtue Certified Realm Readers

(Thanks Pieter for helping redo this meme for me.. Hugs..)

Need your own angel therapist... Doreen Virtue certified angel therapists
Want to become an angel therapist? Only $950 Angel University LLC. Angel Therapist Certification DVD set
Need a certified Medium  Doreen Virtue certified medium

With John Edward pushing his fan base toward Brian Weiss did he not have the moral obligation to make sure none of them would ever be endangered via Doreen Virtue's false medical statements?   If you can not buy mediumship or angel gifts and if giving out wrong suicide info is wrong and telling people not to get flu shots as an angel message is wrong ..

Did  not Medium John Edward have the moral obligation to call the crap out by Doreen Virtue instead of tying himself into the weave of the fraud tapestry by plugging those who lead people to her?


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Notice of Attorney General complaint filed in Seattle against Hay House Publishing.

Notice who knew when..  How MD Brian Weiss went forward endorsing Virtue  via their up coming deck .knowing this.  Look at the dates people..

Subject: RE: 423736 : A notice from the Washington State Attorney General's Office
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 04:39:06 +0000

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Is there a proper place I should submit my complaint to ensure that the fraudulent psychic conduct that led into medical endangerment does not happen again? If your office is not the place to go - where should I go?

 If someone does get harmed or killed will any attorney representing the harmed parties be able to access my complaint so that there is written data -date & time stamped document to be able to be presented in any civil case against Hay House & Doreen Virtue to prove pattern of harmful conduct & dispersion of false medical information ? If someone gets harmed I want to be sure the court awards a judgement that will reflect the real degree of greed and neglience on the part of Hay House & Doreen Virtue.  I filed compaint with CA Attorney general as well and am waiting to hear back.

I care very deeply about the issue of people receiving correct medical info and that people not be told false information that can hurt them while being told angels are approving of bogus bullshit .No one should ever be told false information that can impede medical help being given in a timely fashion due to psychic fraud - esp by person who claims psychological degrees.

 We need the laws changed in our state. This co 's representative's 1st response when I asked about whether they not concerned about liability of Virtue harming people with her shit if someone didn't help someone who was suicidal in time due to her false statements on suicide - - was- ooh she's a contractor-- We aren't liable. They should've stopped the presentation right when Virtue said the false information on suicide and corrected it - if they really cared about people. No angel of God would be quiet with this woman telling people such bullshit and telling them to pray to angels instead of God.

Their own CEO as confirmed that the speakers are not supposed to diagnose or treat medical conditions & that Virtue's actions went against policy. Yet , despite their policy they have no plan in place to stop any talk where speakers violate the rules even if it could cause harm to another's life.. Metaphysical consumers are a vulernable group that are inclined to check reason at the door - they hear false medical info from mouth of some woman claiming angels are talking to her and - who knows  the final ripple if they apply it.  To this day Hay House  has done absolutely nothing to correct Ms Virtue's false information on suicide & in this they affirm their greed at the possible expense of  human life.

I want to do all I can to ensure what  I saw doesn't happen again.  Tell me where to go - and I shall file whatever.
I want suicidal people & their loved ones  to receive the message to seek immediate medical help without delay or sense of guilt because life matters and because it is spiritual & logical to seek  help when one needs it. No one should be teaching talk of suicide isn't real and claiming  they can see & hear everyone's guardian angel while they spread such false info. I want people to  feel more comfortable to ask for  help when needed- I am for less suicides & less fraudulent" angel" bullshit.  I affirm life & truth matters.
Desiree Krautkramer
Mr. Shermer ~Do you  dream of being certified as an angel therapist or  as a medum?  . Virtue has no requirement of pre-existing psychic gift!  It would probably be a spiritual fantasy of any light worker to save a low vibration atheist. Now Virtue  says people who eat meat or chocolate and drink alcohol and coffee are lowering their vibration and can't reach total enlightenment - so I am not too sure what total enlightenment may mean -it just may just  mean your pockets will be much lighter after paying her very high fees.  Her angels missed Jesus's miracles tied to  Wine & Fish  &   Edgar Cayce &  Torah too .  Her angels don't know about first nation peoples who love to hunt & are psychic nor  do her angels seem aware of the Soviet psy testing among meat eating alcohol drinking psychics.  Her angels seem to not know of or have missed all of Ireland obviously ! Along with  missing noting  Medium Van Praagh eats meat - drinks coffee &  alcohol and  enjoying chocolate all while getting actual psychic hits which she fails to get.  If you take Virtue's class - she might explain. I  know she will be so thrilled if I can help manifest you becoming her student !  
 Van Praagh calling  Virtue true-means he must become  vegan - never drink coffee/alcohol again nor eat chocolate.  Every cup of coffee is clear statement of his non-belief in Ms Virtue. Mr Holland must never have another beer with his buds if he is going to work w/ Virtue. They must follow her every directive.  If it is truth ~~they must follow it!  They must walk her talk or stop selling this bogus bullshit.
Going to practice my affirmation. .I manifest people thinking about the shit they endorse - publish - sell or persons they  work with in light of true spirtuality. 

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 14:06:37 -0800
Subject: 423736 : A notice from the Washington State Attorney General's Office

Bob Ferguson
Consumer Protection Division
103 East Holly Street, Suite 308 Bellingham, WA 98225-4310 (360) 738-6187

January 18, 2013

Desiree Krautkramer
4700 12th Ave NE Apt 506
Seattle, WA 98105

RE:   Hay House Publishing
File #:   423736

Dear Desiree Krautkramer:

Our office received your correspondence regarding Hay House Publishing.
The Attorney General’s Office is authorized only to represent certain public officials and agencies. Information about our office can be found on our website at this link:

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office values the important information it receives from consumers like you. We will retain the information you submitted as part of our public record.

Thank you for contacting our office.
Program Specialist 3
Consumer Protection Division
(360) 738-6188
Fax: (360) 738-6190