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Deepak Chopra Challenge...............(Doreen Virtue medical endangerment/Fraud?.Medium John Holland protecting Fraud at the potential cost of human life?.James Van praagh selling out for personal profit?).

My New Age Quantum Explanation Challenge for Deepak..

Recently New Age "guru" Dr. Deepak Chopra issued a 1 million dollar challenge to Mr James Randi, his colleagues, his militant atheist friends & professional debunkers..

In light of Deepak's friendship with Doreen Virtue ..

This is my reply:

 I call on Mr. Chopra who seems so keen on asking for explanations from Mr James Randi to please step forward taking the lead & please explain the following new age experience that I had & to see if he has the balls to face...  

My New Age Quantum Explanation Challenge ...

I'm a graduate of the James Van Praagh 5 day Mastering Mediumship class that was held in Seattle Feb '12.

I took the class not to become a medium or to start a new & exciting career charging people for spiritual gifts but rather  in order to have one question answered. The cost of the one week class plus , plus time off work, plus transportation plus books was $900.  Van Praagh said he would answer my question 2 x during the class.. but he NEVER did. So in the end, I basically threw almost a grand out the window in pursuit of the answer to re-occurring spiritual glitch I was coming up against. I guess spirit service to JVP means taking people's money & blowing off what they came for. I had hoped at the very least he would have his assistant eventually email me my answer.. But no such luck..

During the class JVP plugged several mediums.
He told us of visiting John of God ( which actually sounded quite neat & how he had taken hallucinogenic herbal medicine that gave him an amazing vision of spirit ), how he wanted to help bring forth "Abraham" with Ester Hicks ( forgetting to tell us ) .
He also claimed he had channeled Edgar Cayce.

I know Mr. Chopra that you're well aware of James Van Praagh  ~ He works w/the Chopra Institute.
James Van Praagh writing for Chopra Center

There was one medium that Van Praagh  plugged over & over  telling us all that she was "a teacher for us all"  & that we should all go see her when we get a chance..

That one person was so called "angel medium" Doreen Virtue.
I knew nothing of the woman. Later I was to find one of my classmates who came all the way from Canada did know of Virtue's work and she  told me each time that JVP plugged Virtue  she lost more & more respect for him as a medium and as a teacher.

To Watch a Reading with the" Talking to Heaven" deck see this connect ..

On Sept 22,2012 in Seattle
Doreen Virtue & John Holland presented a  Hay House event called  Angels & the Afterlife.

Holland presented first & seemed to nail it.
Virtue came on next & was so bad some people despite the cost of $125-150 a ticket walked out as she was talking. One little old lady almost ran into me in the hallway ( where I was making a call to work to check up on things)  as  she stormed out declaring:" The Bitch is a fraud.."

Its not often that one hears little old ladies speak so.. but this one  had just endured what I had.. seeing Doreen Virtue a woman Hay House presents to the new age public as really being an angel communicator ..a woman who clearly told us she could see ALL of  our guardian angels in the room & who went on to  tell us the most stupid shit under the sun in the name of angels.

 Vitue encouraged people to consult fairies, unicorns and mermaids. She warned us about GMOs & chemtrails and told us of being taken up in UFO a couple of times.No joke. I wish it was.. This is what Medium James Van Praagh endorses as real while he claims he talks to Heaven.
( Blog of a person I don't even know who wrote of the event

The  very angry old woman asked me could I not see what Virtue was doing.
Could I not see that person after person was telling her no over & over to everything she said & Then she would argue with them trying to get stuff that was clearly not right be right. Then she would ask them a ton of  questions. The old lady asked me ..After they answer her questions can't you see she is just telling them back what they just told her in different words while she claims it is from the angels.

I told the lady .. Yes I could see that.

 It was clear to me that Doreen Virtue was doing more fishing than would occur at your average Bass tournament. I had never seen such blatant fraud in all my life. I tried to be positive with the old lady I said what about John Holland... I  thought he seemed very good . Did you not think the same?.. She with pissed off look told me she hadn't paid all that money to see HIM.. she wanted to hear angels..& Doreen Virtue wasn't talking to shit.

But, it got worse.. so much worse Mr. Chopra..What was to happen in the next section during the shared question answer section changed my belief in mediumship forever..

During the shared question answer session a lovely black lady stood wanting to ask medium John Holland why her 20 1/2 yr old 2nd born son was getting suicidal. 

She told Holland and us all that her son had written and read her a letter in which he had confessed to having repeated thoughts of killing himself and going to act upon these thoughts a couple of times. Each time interrupted at the last min by calls on his cell phones from friends.

Holland told us all he felt the question would best be addressed by his colleague Doreen for she had he said clinical psychology experience and a PhD in psychology. ( Never mind that she had just told us some of the craziest shit ever said by someone claiming to see holy angels of God or that if someone had said half that shit to your average psychiatrist they would possibly be put in a mental hospital for observation.)

Doreen Virtue told the mother of suicidal son who was having repeated thoughts of killing himself and who had gone to act on those thought a couple of time interrupted only by last min calls to his cell phone that : Those who talk of committing suicide do not do it. They want attention. They need counseling . But, they don't EVER do it.."

Virtue asked the mom are there any drugs or alcohol abuse in the  son's life. The mom said there were none.Virtue pressed ...not even pot? The mom said maybe some pot. Virtue then went on to explain to us all that somehow "low vibration pot" was cause. But she offered help.

Virtue called to a Hay House staff member saying let's get this woman some help.
Let's get her my latest book for free on the Mother Mary. ( ).. Virtue continued.. As you all know Mary is the Queen of angels and I ( Doreen referring to herself) work with the angelic realm. This book placed unread on your night stand will help heal the energy of the home and the situation.

No one stopped it. John Holland sat there on stage near Virtue yet saying nothing.
Hay House staff members did not stop this. No one called it out. Right after the event I ran to find the mother. I found her &  sat telling  her let's just wait one minute. What was I waiting for Mr. Chopra.? Anyone know what I was waiting for?

I was waiting for the 10-12 James Van Praagh Mastering Mediumship students from the JVP class who were present  who do psychic work or make money off metaphysical stuff to come and help the mom told wrong suicide info.  I had heard them say over and over how they wanted to serve spirit. How it wasn't about the money or fame but service. Some charge $60 and hr onwards to $180 an hr.  I waited for some of the students to show but not even one came. No one came. I hoped maybe some other medium or psychic in the room might come even.. No one came. ( Note No Certified Angel therapists who were present in that room came either! )

 I said ma'am what you were just told on suicide is dead wrong. I told her you need to get your son to a medical doctor asap. She was confused and asked me why are you here  saying that for the two famous psychics  just told me my son was in no danger. I told her there was no two people telling you anything.. There was a woman who is a fraud telling you wrong stuff on suicide while the other one sat on the stage doing absolutely nothing to correct it so it looked like agreement.She challenged me how do YOU know she is wrong..

Mr. Chopra have you ever been under the pressure to have to try to explain to someone that a world famous Hay House angel medium is a fraud & just told them wrong medical info  & that the world famous medium sitting right next to her on stage is a sell out ...
So Won't you please listen to reason and take your son to a medical doctor??.
I have.. It sucks.

I prayed & went with it. I told the mom I know for I once almost took my own life and the unseen itself intervened to save me. I told her exactly what had happened the day I almost took every pill in the medicine cabinet in severe body pain so long ago. I told her I had struggled from depression for some time and I had spoken of being suicidal. I told her you wanted angels.. Mom you got them when each time your son went to end his life his phone happened to ring. I told her that was miracle of God and don't you push the miracle. I told her there is nothing wrong with anyone needing additional support for depression or feeling suicidal. I told her there was hope in medicine and psychology. I told her the book she was given with the promise it could heal unread would do shit unread. I told her there is no book in the world that heals energy or conditions unread.

I told her Mary's son Jesus died so her son might live. I told her Mary would want her to be the mom. That her son telling her what he did was not about wanting some attention but  a matter of true need .He knew he was in trouble and needed help. I told her your son trusts you to be the mom to help him. Be the mom.

She begged would I call her son to tell him about how the unseen saved my life. I told her no. I knew in my heart and in my mind that my experience would provide no protection for the young man in severe crisis and that my moral obligation was to direct him to the most ideal source of help.  I knew he was getting suicidal for a reason and she shared a life that showed me he was young man at risk, I told her take him to a doctor and get him in counseling w/ male counselor.  She told me this is her 2nd son born and the 2nd to get suicidal.. She wanted to know why her son has this happen. I could not tell her why. I told her I don't know ...I just know there is help to be had.

I stopped believing in mediumship  being mediums talking to dead people in Heaven... after watching John Holland do absolutely nothing when life was put at risk. I know not one of my dead relatives would have approved of his risking life to protect psychic fraud.

Then Mr Chopra came the ride into total non-belief in the new age altogether as I faced Hay House doing absolutely nothing to fix this shit. I emailed. I called. I spoke with Melissa who confirmed to me exactly what I had heard said by Virtue is what she heard too. She told me she was shocked the Doreen even ATTEMPTED to read people. She conveyed to me she did think the statement by Virtue if taken literally as a promise that the woman's son would not commit suicide would be highly dangerous. Melissa told me if she had stood to stop the event  to call out that the statement on suicide was not correct that she was sure she would have been fired on the spot. She said that my complaint had been forwarded on to Virtue . I asked what about making it right don't you think Hay House is liable for any damage done.. Mellisa told me Doreen Virtue is not an employee of Hay House she is a contractor and she had violated her contract. She told me the speakers were never to diagnose or treat illness.I asked then you had full reason to call the danger out.. I felt bad for Melissa having to deal with such an unethical work environment that when they see life endangered they are afraid to speak out .

I ended up writing Sonia Choquette who gave me Hay House CEO Reid Tracy's email.  Reid Tracy wrote me back & said he was sorry this had happened and that he would be more than willing to personally contact the mother and tell her to take her son to a doctor. I didn't have the mom's email. I wrote back I don't have the email you need to publicly face the fraud and admit what was said to not only protect  the mother's son but everyone in the room who may now fail to get their loved ones, family, friends or neighbors help in time for suicide having been told wrong info in the name of angels. I  put Michael Shermer on the CC.. I had a bad feeling nothing would be made right .

I went on to write John Holland & Reid Tracy over and over begging them to fix this shit. I spent 9 months crying myself to sleep in prayer every night ...praying for that young black man whose mom was told wrong info.. Praying  that God would keep him safe some how. I prayed to God to protect that young man and to help move Hay House to ethics. I asked God to send as many angels as it might take to move Doreen Virtue to face her lies. I prayed for  dead people who had ended their life to go and visit John Holland to move him to protect life. No one did anything.

I posted about the suicide comment in the private Seattle 5 day Mastering mediumship post areas & a couple people who had been present responded back yes they too heard the suicide comment by Virtue  and it was wrong. The post was removed by Shawna  who stated I could not say bad things about James Van Praagh's friend.  I challenged Shawna ...I wrote her reminding her you were there you heard what was said on suicide. Shawna wrote she heard what was said and it was perfectly right. Shawna wrote that  people who talk about suicide do not do it just like Doreen said.. And she went on:

Shawna communicated to me her belief that James Van Praagh would never endorse Doreen unless she was real & John Holland would have stopped it if the statement was wrong.. so because Van Praagh endorsed this shit & because  John Holland will not call this crap out .. this woman who is not even really seemingly psychics may go on to tell others people in psychic readings that those who talk about feeling suicidal do not do it! This could cost a precious life that might have been saved to be lost due to psychic fraud.

I consulted with a classmate Donna from the JVP 5 day Seattle class ,  a working medium & one of the 5 winners of special blog contest JVP held about stories of those who life was most touched by his work. I wrote Donna & asked her as a medium could she explain why John Holland had failed to protect human life.. She told me that his conduct that day was an example for me. She stated psychics run in circles and you don't out the fraud in your circle. Do your work with integrity but don't out the fraud around you was her message.. She said do this and maybe I too could have fame as Holland.

I prayed  & then I choose that day to never become  a psychic.
I knew in my heart that this was no service to any thing of God and dead wrong.

I  wrote complaints to the Health dept, the Mayors' office, and the WA state Attorney General and the CA state attorney general. I wrote any place I could think of to write. I figured at least I can leave a bread crumb trail for any attorney of a family hurt by Virtue's medical endangerment  down the road to find to know it wasn't the first time she gave out wrong medically dangerous info in the name of angels.

And, I figured maybe if Hay House knew I had left a  trail to prove they knew she was a fraud and still let her get up on stage..  They would reign in Virtue out of fear of lawsuit/greed. If I could not get them to do the right thing for the right reason.. shit any reason would work for me. I let John Holland and Hay House know of this. I cced and Bcced other psychics John Holland and Doreen Virtue knew hoping some one would insist that someone do the right thing.. no one did.

Doreen Virtue had an attorney send me threat of lawsuit saying I was guilty of libel and slander. Unknown to Doreen I had kept FB private posts from my classmates that I am more than willing to make fully public .One of my classmates  was to go on to much later  tell me she would be happy to testify in court about what was said.. just stand for what is right. I prayed for 5 min and wrote back long letter that basically said bring it bitch..

I let Virtue know I would be more than happy to drag my fellow classmates into court and John Holland himself and I had no problem putting them in situation where if they got caught up in perjury they would all wind up in jail. I asked for list of what she felt was the libel and slander since my writing what she did not like doesn't make it illegal it just makes it a painful truth she doesn't want known. I never heard a reply.. I started to pray to be sued for telling the truth knowing it would be Doreen Virtue's end. I prayed Jesus let me be sued. so I can counter sue and grab Virtue's  home. Really really Lord its  not a problem just let me save that young black man's life..

I   won a contest for  free  reading with a medium in New Zealand. So since it was free.. I asked him had I done enough to protect life in the Virtue situation. He said no. He said the fraud is too huge ..the money huge. Virtue's ego too vast . No one will call her out due to the money. He said she would go on to further endanger people. I felt beyond despair. All that writing and not a dent to help save life.. All those prayers and no results in helping protect life. But I prayed asking God for a sign.

I found signs alright.....
I was to find.. A FB post where Doreen Virtue was asked by a mother of small children who had seen her several posts against the flu shots what Virtue thought of vaccinations for children. Virtue wrote back in a post that I believe was up for close to 9 months and suddenly happened to come down as the Measles started to sweep this fall that: Doreen wrote if she had small children now would not vaccinate them for anything.. She would home school them or send them to the Waldorf's. 

No one in the new age community  ever called that dangerous anti-vaccine statement out!

Virtue's still up anti-flu vaccine posts include:

I was to eventually travel all the way to AZ to speak with Mr. Holland to ask him why he did nothing to protect life. I attended the Mishka productions Celebrate your life event Feb 2014 where I saw you Dr Chopra speak on Friday night..

On Sat morning unknown to Mr Holland I was in attendance at his morning event. During the event he plugged one fellow psychic's book... Doreen Virtue's angels 101 !  At no time did Mr Holland say what happened in Seattle.. I was sitting literally right in front of him and the event recorded by recording company. I guess his guides desire for him to have been called out for his selling out human life for surely if not would they not have told him I was there?

At the book signing  I calmly inquired of Mr Holland why he had passed the suicide comment to Virtue as he did in Seattle -
 He was floored. He replied I THOUGHT she could handle it.
I said to him but Mr Holland are a medium &  you knew what she said was wrong. His eyes gaze fell down  and he could not look at me ... I asked what of the suicidal young man..
 He replied maybe Hay House had found the Mom...

 For a moment I felt such joy sweep over me as hope rose up and I said well did they.. He said he didn't know but they might have.. My heart hit the ground,... I asked don't you think that you and Mr Van Praagh are responsible for who you endorse. He came back with reply that he had never endorsed Doreen Virtue. I said yes you have.. He said no..

 I brought up the vaccine comments .. I asked him how he plugged her with her saying what she did on vaccines. He replied he had no idea of her views on vaccinations until after he had worked with her. ( Note he knew what they were when he plugged her book in the prior hour.. He didn't care) .. I left Mr Holland with the statement that ethics are supposed to matter in mediumship..

John Holland doesn't have the time or care about wrong info on suicide in play.. but he has more than enough time to make tarot deck and plug it because its not about service anything.. Its all about his money ..

My New age Quantum Explanation Challenge for Deepak..

  • Mr. Chopra...  Is Doreen Virtue  a medical doctor & does she carry medical malpractice insurance to cover any harm she does practicing medicine in the name of angel guidance using Natural News as a back up? Mr Chopra when other mediums or psychics fail to call out the fraud of Doreen Virtue and fail to when endorsing her to say they do not support her anti vaccine quackery.. Does that not endanger the whole metaphysical community?

  • Mr. Chopra ....If James Van Praagh plugs Virtue as real to his fans & she gives out medical advice in the name of angels why would consumers question what she says?  Did  he not have the moral obligation to make sure she was 100 % real & would not make any statement that might endanger any fan he might send her way?  Finding he made huge mistake in endorsement was there really any excuse  to still not do the right thing and say to his fans.. do not follow what Virtue says on medical statements please?
  • Mr. Chopra....Did Van Praagh not  have the moral obligation to stop endorsing Doreen as soon as he found out about her telling someone wrong info on suicide ? Where were all the souls of those who had passed via suicide to tell JVP to come to Seattle and make sure no one died in Virtue's angel fraud if she would not make it right herself?
  • Mr. Chopra....When JVP heard one of his students was standing to call out this crap & was threatened with suit for speaking the truth he still did nothing to insist Virtue make her lies in spirit right.. Doe this not prove he is no man of God ? 
  • Mr. Chopra....  Dr Chopra are there no medical doctors in Heaven to have talked to JVP to encourage him to put protecting life before money?
  • Mr. Chopra... Both James Van Praagh & John Holland both teach as a concrete truth of mediumship that everyone is psychic but not everyone is a medium.. Can you explain to us how they could  endorse or take the stage with anyone plugging any class or product to make a  medium out of  everyone when by their own teaching this is impossible?  When is it okay to endorse material & spiritual fraud? If John Holland or JVP leads a non-medium person to Doreen Virtue and they fall for the $400 DVD set and aren't really a medium in the end.. Or they fall to $950 angel therapy class and can't really hear angel in the end..Haven't Holland JVP helped make that theft of that person's money possible by false endorsement>
Holland & JVP make it clear in their teaching and books not everyone is a medium.

  • Mr. Chopra:... The Bible in Act 8:18-20 seems to indicate one can not buy the gifts of God.. In fact did not Peter say to Simon you shall perish with your silver for your attempt to buy gift of God? Is angelic communication not a gift of God? I don't remember any prophet in the bible buying it. Can you explain to us how Doreen Virtue your friend has been for decades seemingly selling gifts with angels & certifying so many in this when one can not buy real spiritual gifts..  
Italy sale angelic Gifts?... 
Skeptic's Dictionary /Angel Therapy. 
Article on Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy or a Fraud's Mental Illness?


  • Mr. Chopra....If selling the gifts of God is against God  & impossible to do actually do  .. Can you explain how Doreen is through her son now selling people.. the ability to start your very own angel gifts "franchise like opportunity" .Look @Charles Virtue only $1,111 and you too could set up a business imparting the gifts of angels..

  • Mr. Chopra...We are to seek wisdom . Can you explain to us all how using the above shown Life Purpose deck is any kind of wisdom to determine your life path ?  Wouldn't the angels in Heaven want us to choose more solid way to determine what we did with the rest of our lives?

  • Mr Chopra .... Can you explain if the Tarot is supposed to be reflective of life's ups &downs.. How can the "Tarot" deck by Virtue that has been stripped of its so called negative aspects in visual design  be accurate if it can not reflect negative things happening in one's life? 

  • Mr. Chopra... Can you explain Angel Detox to us all and how it looks like some of this herbal stuff could endanger consumers who may not know of allergic cross reactions and these videos do not seem to mention them.. Since angels would never mislead or risk our health can you guarantee there is nothing in this stuff that might harm? Will you go through it yourself?

  • Mr. Chopra.. ..As a MD  how do you feel about Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue during a divination deck plug by Hay House publishing  encouraging parents & family of  "indigo"  ( aka ADHD) persons to feel like giving them medication prescribed by medical doctor is medicating the person into submission & going against the plan of Heaven.. Would like to also ask you  as a MD how do you feel about new age tarot readers telling your patients not to trust you as a medical doctor to properly diagnose and treat their family's illnesses. When Virtue gives out medical advice her  fans may easily fall to  parroting  the same things she says right?

  • Mr. Chopra ... Can you explain the concept of the low vibrational miracles of Jesus Christ? Or even explain just what would be a low vibration miracle? The Bible clearly states that Jesus 1st miracle was at a wedding turning water into wine.. And, the Bible says that Jesus multiplied the fishes to feed the masses.. Yet, Doreen Virtue for years has been pushing this bullshit uncalled out by any of her new age peers. According to her angel... alcohol and meat eating are low vibration!!  How do we have a low vibration Messiah Chopra> Chopra explain !
 ""All food has vibration, and you want to vibrate as high and fine as you feel attuned to. Eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, which have the highest vibrational frequencies. Avoid meats, dairy, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, and caffeine, which have the lowest vibrations. ." reference Doreen Virtue's own website...

  • Mr. Chopra ... Virtue did this video indicating that caffeine blocks manifestation. Is this  true or not true?  Her saying coffee was low vibration didn't go over too well in Seattle..


  Who wants to tell Oprah & Howard ( CEO of STARBUCKS )  that they're  blocked in their manifestation abilities due to caffeine.... Oprah might rethink some of  the crap she has plugged in the New Age hearing just 1/10th of the crazy crap Virtue says in the name of Angels.. ( On Oprah.. Might I suggest ..The Butler.. Amazing film)

Add Add captionAdd caption


  • Mr. Chopra.. .....Gluten sticking to our Auras & Blocking our Third eyes? 
If this is not true & no one calls this out.. New Age consumers hearing this presented as a reality by Virtue may end up spending a thousand or more dollars per year eating gluten free foods which will do nothing for you if you are not Celiac or like me allergic to wheat.. Are you going to call this out Mr. Chopra or are you going to let metaphysical consumers be taken in bull?
  • Mr. Chopra......Can you explain why your friend Doreen Virtue put a Jewish Rabbi... a Prophet of Islam, the Christian Messiah... Jesus on a divination deck using what looks like Roman Catholic devotional art work never intended to be used for occult purposes ?.. Chopra is this not desecration of blessed art work of the Catholic faith ? Is there nothing too sacred for Virtue not to try to whore out on a deck?  

  • Mr. Chopra ... Can you explain the fairies  Ms. Virtue wants us to consult for life questions. Why if they are so wise do we need to warn them to move when we mow the grass? Surely after seeing the first fairy's head go flying off they would get the blades are sharp right? LOL Why has no one called this crap out ..
  • Mr. Chopra.... Are we made in the image and likeness of God & His children or are we incarnated mermaids, star people, angels, cherubs, fairies, or Leprechauns?
 Can you explain Mr Chopra how Dr Brian Weiss is not completely breaking his medical oath as psychiatrist/.MD endorsing someone teaching such stuff? How does teaching such shit further acceptance of energetic principles in society as something real? How does James Van Praagh endorse this ? How would someone who was an incarnated fire elemental not burn up their body? What realm should I tell Mr Randi he is to make him think the whole new age has gone completely insane?

    • Mr. Chopra .....How is the God who created a  world with physics, chemistry , biology etc glorified by Doreen Virtue making up really stupid shit in the name of angels at the expense of metaphysical consumers mental health?

    • Mr. Chopra.. I was taught by the first psychic who taught me that to lie in spirit was a grave sin.   I was told you never add, you never subtract and never slant. You give what you get  & nothing more. I was told in message delivery if you lie in spirit you commit a sin against the Holy Spirit itself. Mr Chopra can you explain James Van Praagh lying to Mikos Jako?  How am I or anyone to trust Mr Van Praagh if he would lie to Miklos?  Can  you arrange for Miklos to get a formal apology & a full refund ($700) ?

    Mr Chopra .... Would angels of God really want to encourage children toward divination?

    • Mr. Chopra ... How is a new age "truth" that cares not what is true.... any kind of truth at all?
    • Mr. Chopra .. How can a new age culture where it is okay to endorse fraud even when it risks human  life be anything spiritual? 

    • Mr Chopra .How am I ever to believe in spiritual anything tied to  mediumship?  A Medium asked me to do the wrong thing for personal gain in spirit the cost of human life. Is this of God?
    • Mr. Chopra ....With the endangerment & stupid shit James Van Praagh & John Holland  endorsed via Doreen Virtue how can anyone believe they are really talking to Heaven ? I tell you my dead people are not up in Heaven saying honey go & follow the lady making up the stupid shit in the name of God's angels .. I just know it!

    • Mr Chopra ... Let's talk names..
    Doreen Virtue has on her website that Virtue is her real name..   Virtue is in fact though her 2nd ex-husband's surname. Her children Charles & Grant were born under  Schenk  name ( her 1st husband)  and now use Virtue for publishing.. Virtue has 4 divorces & seems to be remarried to one Michael Robinson who seems to be using the Virtue last name too...   This seems very deceptive for a woman who talks to angels. Does it seem deceptive to you?    

    And while Doreen on her 5th marriage using her 2nd ex-husband's name... It seems James Van Praagh is suing his very own birth sister for using her birth name hyphenated with her married name. Lynn Van Praagh- Gratton seems to have been married once and her beloved husband is dead... Does this all not seem very odd to you.. Can you work with Mr Van Praagh to not be an asshole to his own sister for using the name she had before his birth in light of Virtue's using her 2nd ex-husband's name??     
    • But I want to send a special and very appropriate shout out to Doreen...

      • Mr. Chopra ....Wouldn't Mr  James Randi have to be devoid of  all rational thought & have no true ethics seeing  Doreen Virtue's  angel whoring .to believe anything you say is true .. in light of your never outing the bullshit tied to her?

    • Mr. Chopra...Seeing the excuses  for money with no sense of responsibility of anyone any where in the new age to what is real and what might harm why should anyone think the new age is based on love?...(Louise Hay herself brought us the angel fraud lady & it was Louise Hay and Reid Tracy the owners of Hay House who put profit before everything to hide the angel fraud they had seemingly been running for decades)  Hay House is the same publishing / event company that brought us Sylvia Browne isn't it?

    •  Mr Chopra ....Why did not one major medium call out Sylvia Browne the very FIRST time she told someone who had a missing child their kid was dead when it was found untrue? Mr Chopra how was spiritual work of such traumatic nature entertainment? How come Hay House does not test all their psychics & mediums at the University of Arizona and tape and release the results?
    • Mr. Chopra ..Are you ready to see there are valid reasons to not believe in the crap you people spew .. even when one is not an atheist?

    A promise to the skeptics...

    I  a Roman Catholic intuitive promise  if James Randi ever starts believing the shit that Chopra's friend Doreen Virtue teaches (& that James Van Praagh endorses in endorsing her )  to do what I can to arrange to have Randi  taken to a medical doctor ASAP & demand a brain scan.. to make sure he still has one!

    Now who is going to call out some Psychic fraud before these people kill someone!

    But let's wrap this up with this week's angel reading by Doreen Virtue..


    This first blog by me is dedicated to that lovely suicidal black man whose mother was told wrong info on suicide by Doreen Virtue & all the suicidal people in the world..
                                                                 I 'm praying for you...


    1. You are a true Soldier of God. Trying too help ordinary people to wake up before something happens in their life .I will stand beside you, and fight along side you for these frauds need to be shown what damage they have caused.

      1. Lgrandados..

        Thank you . Will you pray for all those who may now due to Hay House leaving wrong suicide info in play may blow of helping a loved one in time.. Today I learned a friend of mine who spoke of feeling suicidal in the past .. has killed herself. The risk is very real when people are feeling suicidal. Hay House has left 700 people with wrong info on suicide to protect their angel medium product line. Because life matters not it seems to Louise Hay.

        James Van Praagh & John Holland are both psychic ( I've seen this myself) which makes them exceptionally dangerous when they endorse those who can not get any and give out wrong medical information. Those seeing them get any hits will assume Heaven like I did and when these men send them in Doreen Virtue's direction where they get told wrong medical info in the name of angels.. may blindly follow what Virtue says at the expense of their or their loves ones lives.. Each of these men have proven to me in the Virtue suicide statement and their continued endorsement after she said what she did that they will whore life itself for fame and money.

        I wrote James Van Praagh on FB to tell him about the wrong medical info on suicide & he blocked me & blew it off. He has known for a long time. He didn't care if he sent fans to someone giving out wrong suicide info. Each post he put up plugging Doreen Virtue and their book and deck together after he knew about the suicide comment .. I lost more and more faith he ever talked to Heaven. If he had ever spoken to the soul of who had committed suicide .. he would never have allowed Virtue to keep wrong suicide info in play.

        And if he wants to argue that one could so easily risk a human life to suicide and talk to Heaven.. fine lets go all on DR Phil where he can explain how Heaven told him to risk a life to suicide for money. And Dr Phil can have Doreen explain incarnated star people, Lepruchuans, elementals etc to us all as we all ponder who the hell ever thought her really talking to the angels of Heaven at Hay House.

        There is no excuse to risk life in psychic fraud.. None.. but to them.. there is no reason to protect life if it means admitting the fraud .
        I choose life... for myself and for others..

    2. Nice article. As a professional medium I appreciate your understanding of personal ethics. Keep up the great work as you are letting God work through you. One minor point I disagree with you about is that meat and alcohol are indeed lower vibrations. Feel the vibrations at a slaughterhouse sometime. Virtue is correct about this, but I completely understand where you are coming from and value your sincerity. God bless you!

    3. What have you really done to betterment of humankind or to progress us spiritually forward? Debunking others hardly enlightens our soul. If you had written from the perspective of showing where these self proclaimed spiritual leaders lost their way and picked up where they became misguided, your thoughts would have a great deal more weight.

      Plus, you took a cross section of a full body of work when you spoke about Doreen Virtue. Hearing her speak for an hour makes you no expert on the whole of what she is attempting to accomplish. If you had educated yourself, you would have found much of what she says makes sense, fundamentally. She looses me too when she speaks of fairies and mermaids. That in no way discredits her overall message, which is love yourself more, stop and listen for guidance, and use the resources available to listen to the mind of the divine.

      Did you even bother to look up the statistics on those who claim to want to commit suicide vs those who actually commit suicide? She may very well be correct. If you truly wanted to debunk her, you should have pulled statistic showing her information was contrary to the actual data.

      In my mind, what these folks do is not easy. If you think it's for fame and fortune, you have no idea what their lives are really like and how much opposition they endure everyday. No one does that for money. I don't care how much money it is.

      Start putting yourself out there a bit more. I would love to read all about your contributions to society. I'm sure you will handle the opposition with grace since you know what it's like being on the other side.

    4. I can certainly understand your issue with anything that may have been said to the mom regarding suicide that could be detrimental to her sons life.

      What I completely do not understand is that you've taken this to an extreme level wanting so many people to be held responsible and accountable including wanting to take her home if sued. You've spent so much time and effort on this that it suggests to me that something internal is going on and you are projecting that onto Dorreen and others.

      You are not in a healthy way and I highly recommend that you attempt to resolve your issues within yourself. Let your condemnation, anger, judgement, ridicule, harassment and torment go. This is no longer your responsibility to make right. Whatever was or was not said cannot be changed. You are only responsible for yourself and nobody else. We are only accountable for ourselves and nobody else. Period.

      Sadly, if you cannot let this all go, all this negative hate filled energy is going to make you sick.

    5. Yucky yuck energy in this article. Feels like you went on a mission searching for someone to destroy. You are a very dark, angry person. Hope you heal in this lifetime.

    6. Very afmirable how you made a lot of effort reaching out to the suicidal boy. And writing all about it at length. (I didnt read the whole thing - but got the gist.) Yet, have you asled yourself, why are you running to fix the world at such great length - is there something inside you are running from?
      Take care

      1. Again, I admire your sensitivity. Yet, proving another wrong isnt important. Doreen us doing what she believes in - you do what you believe in (do you even know what YOU want)?
        let go and let God

      2. Again, I admire your sensitivity. Yet, proving another wrong isnt important. Doreen us doing what she believes in - you do what you believe in (do you even know what YOU want)?
        let go and let God

    7. I agree that what happened is wrong especially being a suicide counselor in the Army. Still though fairies are real and really just a type of angel. You would be surprised what's out there. It still amazes me that you call that quackery yet Angels and God are not quackery lol. It seems to me your quackery list has to do with what your religion does or does not endorse. Good job in helping that mom, however I think there is more you need to open your eyes to.

    8. Hi.

      First, I do want to take the time to commend you for your concern on the welfare of another human being. I believe your feelings were genuime about the young man in question. I don't know the exact statistical data on suicide, how many verbally just threaten it vs. who follows through with it, nor how many still go through with suicide regardless of the intervention of a medical doctor at some point in their lives. It could be handy to have a guide to such information before the mainstream medical field is hailed or glorified as the 'be all' and the 'end all' of perfection. Since Big Pharma, and their profiteers (ie. Doctors, medical boards, insurance) are even more of a money-maker, which stands to profit eternally for only treating and not actually curing illness, it is fair to even question and research their hidden agendas and motives. Vaccines included and Doreen is not the first, nor will she be the last, who addresses the dangers of them. You think Big Pharma is letting themselves go down without a fight? They are protected by the higher echelon of a darker elite who control the flow of money. Nope. Now whether or not Doreen is a fraud and is just hiding behind the research of others is another story. She could very well be a fraud who has also tapped into another angle of this system making money.

      However, here is my main issue. It is hard to find a balanced perspective when it comes to the genuine critiques of psychics. Do I think charlatans exist within the community? Absolutely. However, whenever I look to the mode of criticism it is automatically biased. Individuals either protest against it using their own dogma of Christianity, the bible, or Jesus to object because of preconceived notions of what heaven, angels, or 'God' should according to them (ie. As if THAT is absolute truth in and of itself) or they attack it from a mainstream science perspective as if the limited scope of scientism taught in education automatically shows us everything in existence. Thus, the mocking of such things as fairies, etc. becomes acceptable and you even inferred should get people locked up for talking about or believing in such possibilities. By the way, there are many others besides Doreen who endorse the reality of fairies etc., and those who talk about personal encounters with nature angels (ie. Fairies) - they are just not public figures so you don't hear from them unless you seek their information out.

    9. (Continued from Above ...)

      I am fair regarding the allegations against Doreen in that she might not be genuine. I am aware money can corrupt. My other argument is that when spiritual gifts are meshed with 3D monetary systems, it becomes entrenched in customer service obligations. A contract is formed and the 'product' has to be produced when people sincerely involved in spiritual work know it doesn't always come at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it's not the right timing or a person is not meant to know certain things for their own spiritual good|progress which is why spiritual gifts are truly unlimited. But spirtual gifts offered as 'consumer product' under a business contract is limiting. It relies on the practice of supply & demand which is why I think sometimes truly gifted mediums in the public splotlight can come off as frauds. There are days when it naturally flows but other days when it's being forced, so things are made up to push product to a paying customer. I think most true mediums know when they are having an off day and shouldn't read. I have sought out other personal first hand accounts with Doreen, especially from some who took her ATP courses. They are difficult to search out, of course, in comment threads, but I respect those anecdotal experiences that explain how her conduct doesn't align with what she teaches or examples of where she was inaccurate as opposed to those condemning her just because the blindly follow a religion, a bible, or mainstream science. That appears to be the case in a lot of what you call out Doreen for in your questions posed to the addressee. The only part where I took some consideration in is your example with the little old lady and others in the group whom claimed her readings were completely off for so many people or that there was some excessive fishing for information. Of course, I wasn't there to watch and listen myself, so I can't attest to it or deny it.

      The Best of luck on your journey. I will part by saying I think it's important to remember that forcing anybody to stop talking about anything you don't believe in is misguided. That is controlling and forcing others to drop their dogma for yours. Self Responsibity is important because some people want to be there by choice, want to pursue such avenues, and that is their right. Just remember, even if one negative experience turned you into a complete skeptic or non-believer, there are those who I have read love Doreen and sincerely believe she has helped them with her material. It is not your right, nor your job, to actively take measures to take that away from them. If you feel so inclined to educate from your perspective on who you feel might be a fraud or just in it for the money, continue to do so, but my advice would be to do so based on more convincing facts, not just because of religious|biblical dogma you believe in or mainstream science you embrace. I think karma eventually catches up with frauds anyway - just not in ways we expect or how we think it should happen because it's not visible to us.

      1. I really like what has been said even if ad nauseam, and it would be nice if the comments didn't completely condemn or in the other hand justify making a mistake as the real issue is accountability which tends to be overlooked. Someone in a related position of leadership should stand up and state that there was a mistake and what it was as well as indicate what should be done in some type of apology and restitution. Karma is truly at work in a more visible way then normal as Doreen Virtue somewhat left New Age doctrine and converted to Christianity where it appears she is having a hard time being accepted. It appears Doreen has been trying to walk a typerope that she is not very good at and she has been failing, I mean falling on her face. Keep the comments coming as it can only help someone.

    10. Doreen Virtue is a fraud. Angel therapy teaches that "worry is a form of prayer". This is completely false and harmful. It's as if saying God, the angels and the universe are confused and don't understand the difference between when we worry and when we pray, which is obviously not true. She might as well say God will punish us for worrying. She says worry attracts to us that which we do not desire and that worry can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      Well actually Doreen it's a symptom of mental disorder to believe that simply thinking about something somehow magically makes it more likely to happen. It's a cognitive bias called thought action fusion. Surprising that as a psychologist she doesn't know this and as a person who claims to communicate with God and angels. It's pure superstition.
      Also this: Why do we need Doreen to tell us what certain numbers mean? God is perfectly capable of sending us messages we can understand. Constantly looking for signs, asking for signs and assigning special meanings to certain numbers is also a symptom of mental disorder. Signs from God often come unexpectedly. So if we are constantly looking for them reading clocks and license plates and phone numbers, they become meaningless and we see them everywhere and believe it must mean something, when it doesn't.

    11. I have thought these people fakes for along time. I feel I have a close relationship with God and the Angels, and I believe every one of us can have that if we so desire. These people are in this game, taking advantage of people for money and nothing else. Doreen Virtue and James are so greedy it makes me sick, in the name of angels and God! I mean that is sick. If you are a believer in this world, and I need only speak to God and the angels on your own...they will answer you. If you do not get the answer you is because it is not something you need to understand at this point in your journey. Believe, God hears you...every last one of us...he is part of us. He gives us all the gift of intuition and the chance to build a relationship with him on our own. We don't need these charlatins taking our money and telling us they have some "special ability" we don't have...bull crap. We all have it....we just need to ask for help, give gratitude, pray, believe. God is there waiting to comfort and guide us all.

    12. Thank you, thank you, thank you - will share this far and wide. It's important everyone knows the truth! God Bless you!

    13. I really like what has been said even if ad nauseam, and it would be nice if the comments didn't completely condemn or in the other hand justify making a mistake as the real issue is accountability which tends to be overlooked. Someone in a related position of leadership should stand up and state that there was a mistake and what it was as well as indicate what should be done in some type of apology and restitution. Karma is truly at work in a more visible way then normal as Doreen Virtue somewhat left New Age doctrine and converted to Christianity where it appears she is having a hard time being accepted. It appears Doreen has been trying to walk a typerope that she is not very good at and she has been failing, I mean falling on her face. Keep the comments coming as it can only help someone.