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Notice of Attorney General complaint filed in Seattle against Hay House Publishing.

Notice who knew when..  How MD Brian Weiss went forward endorsing Virtue  via their up coming deck .knowing this.  Look at the dates people..

Subject: RE: 423736 : A notice from the Washington State Attorney General's Office
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 04:39:06 +0000

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Is there a proper place I should submit my complaint to ensure that the fraudulent psychic conduct that led into medical endangerment does not happen again? If your office is not the place to go - where should I go?

 If someone does get harmed or killed will any attorney representing the harmed parties be able to access my complaint so that there is written data -date & time stamped document to be able to be presented in any civil case against Hay House & Doreen Virtue to prove pattern of harmful conduct & dispersion of false medical information ? If someone gets harmed I want to be sure the court awards a judgement that will reflect the real degree of greed and neglience on the part of Hay House & Doreen Virtue.  I filed compaint with CA Attorney general as well and am waiting to hear back.

I care very deeply about the issue of people receiving correct medical info and that people not be told false information that can hurt them while being told angels are approving of bogus bullshit .No one should ever be told false information that can impede medical help being given in a timely fashion due to psychic fraud - esp by person who claims psychological degrees.

 We need the laws changed in our state. This co 's representative's 1st response when I asked about whether they not concerned about liability of Virtue harming people with her shit if someone didn't help someone who was suicidal in time due to her false statements on suicide - - was- ooh she's a contractor-- We aren't liable. They should've stopped the presentation right when Virtue said the false information on suicide and corrected it - if they really cared about people. No angel of God would be quiet with this woman telling people such bullshit and telling them to pray to angels instead of God.

Their own CEO as confirmed that the speakers are not supposed to diagnose or treat medical conditions & that Virtue's actions went against policy. Yet , despite their policy they have no plan in place to stop any talk where speakers violate the rules even if it could cause harm to another's life.. Metaphysical consumers are a vulernable group that are inclined to check reason at the door - they hear false medical info from mouth of some woman claiming angels are talking to her and - who knows  the final ripple if they apply it.  To this day Hay House  has done absolutely nothing to correct Ms Virtue's false information on suicide & in this they affirm their greed at the possible expense of  human life.

I want to do all I can to ensure what  I saw doesn't happen again.  Tell me where to go - and I shall file whatever.
I want suicidal people & their loved ones  to receive the message to seek immediate medical help without delay or sense of guilt because life matters and because it is spiritual & logical to seek  help when one needs it. No one should be teaching talk of suicide isn't real and claiming  they can see & hear everyone's guardian angel while they spread such false info. I want people to  feel more comfortable to ask for  help when needed- I am for less suicides & less fraudulent" angel" bullshit.  I affirm life & truth matters.
Desiree Krautkramer
Mr. Shermer ~Do you  dream of being certified as an angel therapist or  as a medum?  . Virtue has no requirement of pre-existing psychic gift!  It would probably be a spiritual fantasy of any light worker to save a low vibration atheist. Now Virtue  says people who eat meat or chocolate and drink alcohol and coffee are lowering their vibration and can't reach total enlightenment - so I am not too sure what total enlightenment may mean -it just may just  mean your pockets will be much lighter after paying her very high fees.  Her angels missed Jesus's miracles tied to  Wine & Fish  &   Edgar Cayce &  Torah too .  Her angels don't know about first nation peoples who love to hunt & are psychic nor  do her angels seem aware of the Soviet psy testing among meat eating alcohol drinking psychics.  Her angels seem to not know of or have missed all of Ireland obviously ! Along with  missing noting  Medium Van Praagh eats meat - drinks coffee &  alcohol and  enjoying chocolate all while getting actual psychic hits which she fails to get.  If you take Virtue's class - she might explain. I  know she will be so thrilled if I can help manifest you becoming her student !  
 Van Praagh calling  Virtue true-means he must become  vegan - never drink coffee/alcohol again nor eat chocolate.  Every cup of coffee is clear statement of his non-belief in Ms Virtue. Mr Holland must never have another beer with his buds if he is going to work w/ Virtue. They must follow her every directive.  If it is truth ~~they must follow it!  They must walk her talk or stop selling this bogus bullshit.
Going to practice my affirmation. .I manifest people thinking about the shit they endorse - publish - sell or persons they  work with in light of true spirtuality. 

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 14:06:37 -0800
Subject: 423736 : A notice from the Washington State Attorney General's Office

Bob Ferguson
Consumer Protection Division
103 East Holly Street, Suite 308 Bellingham, WA 98225-4310 (360) 738-6187

January 18, 2013

Desiree Krautkramer
4700 12th Ave NE Apt 506
Seattle, WA 98105

RE:   Hay House Publishing
File #:   423736

Dear Desiree Krautkramer:

Our office received your correspondence regarding Hay House Publishing.
The Attorney General’s Office is authorized only to represent certain public officials and agencies. Information about our office can be found on our website at this link:

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office values the important information it receives from consumers like you. We will retain the information you submitted as part of our public record.

Thank you for contacting our office.
Program Specialist 3
Consumer Protection Division
(360) 738-6188
Fax: (360) 738-6190

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  1. Thank you for your time and energy to do anything about this issue.
    I have been studying her and Hay House's materials for almost ten years and in working with some ATP'S have experienced deeply painful things. The advice I was given/ the incongruencis in the paradigm and the absence of results have left me in a place of deep vulnerabilty. I appreciate your every caring effort